Adrianne Curry Speaks on Bisexuality, Oral Sex and More

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Adrianne Curry is not shy.

She's posed for Playboy and, well, just listen to all the original America's Next Top Model winner had to say about her husband's former promiscuity, along with her penchant for blow jobs.

"This guy has been with a lot of chicks, being a child star in the '60s and '70s," she said of husband Christopher Knight. "Sex was like a handshake. Before you even knew their name, your dick was already in them. He's had a lot of experience."

Adrianne Curry, Playboy

As we contemplate the idea of the former Peter Brady acting like last generation's J.R. Rotem, here are highlights from the interview Curry recently gave Playboy:

What's better, sex with a man or a woman?
Adrianne Curry: It's completely different. I have a lot of testosterone in me; I like to be in control. That's why I dated women for so long. I was the guy; they were the girls. I was allotted powers you normally don't get with men. With men, their masculinity is always in question if you try to take the reins all the time. But being with a guy, I can be that vulnerable, little woman for once, which is very interesting and new and fun.

A strap-on is a strap-on; on a person it's different. Sex is more pleasing with my husband than it was with women; like a real strap-on!

Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex?
Curry: I prefer giving. I'm a giver. And guess what? You're in control when you're the one giving. I'm a control freak; I just like to be in control [like Jessica Sierra and Antonella Barba].

What's your favorite sexual position?
Curry: Doggy-style. I know it's cliché -- I don't give a crap. I know what I'm doing. It's all about the angles.

How have your newly augmented breasts affected your sex life?
Curry: They're amazing. My only problem is, I've had a really slow healing process. In fact, very slowly, on my right side it's starting to get hard. So I have to go back in, in January. But I'm catching it really early, so it's not like my boob is hard as a rock. It's actually quite nice. My husband pays a lot more attention to my boobs.

We're guessing those who get to see Gemma Atkinson or Lucy Pinder nude feel the same way.

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