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What perfect timing for a Maria Sharapova crotch shot!

As the world talks about the photographed vagina of this tennis star, Tyra Banks plans on doing an entire talk show around the topic of… vaginas.

“I have wanted to do this show for two years,” Banks said to People magazine. “I know for a lot of women talking about what is going on in our bodies is extremely difficult, but it is incredibly important.”

We know what many women out there are thinking: guys should be the ones tuning in for this broadcast, if you know what we mean!

Banks continued: “We should be able to talk to our daughters, sisters, mothers and friends about our bodies and not be embarrassed. I hope after this show women will not be ashamed about what’s up down there.”

Nor should Tyra be ashamed for being so desperate for attention that she’d probably do a show where she dresses up like an overweight women in order to discover – gasp! – they are treated worse than someone as gorgeous as she is.

Oh. Wait. That already happened.

We’re pretty sure women already are comfortable with their vaginas, Tyra. It’s not as though Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Tila Tequila or Mary Carey have any problems putting theirs on display for the entire world to see.