The Hollywood Gossip Asks: Who is Jennifer Walcott?

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From Playboy to The Best Damn Sports Show Period, Jennifer Walcott has come a long way.

The model, who has appeared off and on for years in the pages of Hugh Hefner's publication, has ridden her looks into a career that now spans movies (such as American Summer) and television (as the host of Wild On).

It's the sort of future we're guessing occasional Penthouse and Playboy model Tila Tequila is aiming for.

Jennifer Walcott has used her Playboy pictorial to catapult herself into mainstream media. Kim Kardashian is using her to get naked again in public.


Jennifer Walcott Biography

Jennifer Walcott is a former Playboy Playmate. She's still hot, as you can tell, and making a career out of being so. In a random fact,... More »
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