Sophie Anderton Update: Against Rehab, Afraid for Career

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Now that Sophie Anderton has been caught on camera offering to trade penetration of her vagina for $20,000, the British model is afraid that her career may be in danger.

And for good reason: in the days since the scandal broke, Sophie has lost a $200,000 contract with Fake Bake.

Meanwhile, London's The Daily Mail reports that Anderton doesn't want to go to rehab because she can't afford it.

"Sophie is planning to go and stay with her mother for the moment. She's not convinced rehab is the best course of action," a source said. "She has said that she would rather save the money she would spend on rehab for her home and future, but pals think that they can change her mind."

They probably can. All it would take is a wad of cash and cocaine.

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