Pete Doherty: On Irina Lazareanu, Off Drugs (Yeah, Right)

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After an arduous period of on-and-off-again romance and hard-ass drug use, the British "rocker" Pete Doherty says he is now clean, he and Irina Lazareanu are in love, and he and ex Kate Moss are becoming friends again.

"She's a friend, but people are going to say what they want about it," the frontman of Babyshambles, 28, told Us Weekly regarding Moss at the MTV European Music Awards in Munich November 1. "She's really happy now, and so am I."

Pete Doherty â€" who has been in and out of rehab centers and courts countless times in the past few years â€" said he is now off the drugs. We'll believe that around the time Britney Spears starts caring about her kids. 

Pete Doherty: Smiling, supposedly sober. 

"It's nice to be able to remember a gig," he said. "I'm feeling fantastic! Everything's really cool right now," he added. "I'm enjoying life. People are gonna try and bring you back down, but I'm strong now."

Helping him along the way? Girlfriend Irina Lazareanu, a Canadian model.

"I'm just really f---in' happy," Doherty said. "I've had many chances. Life's good."

He is also finding support through a new unlikely pal: Snoop Dogg. The pair  was supposedly seen chatting during the MTV awards weekend.

"They were talking about music, and Snoop was saying how he wanted to add an indie feel to a few of his tracks," an onlooker said. "Pete was saying he should get in touch with his manager to see if they can work something out."