Not Koi: Chelsea Handler Makes Strange, Racist Jokes

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If there's one thing we've learned in a year and a half in the celebrity news business, it is that Britney Spears and no pants go hand in hand.

If there's a second thing we have learned, it is that trying to make jokes about race can get you in a lot of trouble - right, Michael Richards?

Comedic Handler

Last night, outside of Hollywood hot spot Koi, alleged comedian Chelsea Handler tried to do the same thing and, like Kramer, failed miserably.

Handler was approached by two cameramen - one of whom was Chinese, and the other (from TMZ) was African-American. Chelsea quipped that it was "crazy that you guys all travel together, Asians and Blacks. That's amazing."

It sure is. It's also amazing that someone would say that.

Then, after a failed joke about Dog Chapman (Dog the Bounty Hunter), somehow a question about Britney Spears turned into Chelsea Handler commenting that the Chinese photographer in front of her was from "Vietcong-nam."

When it was pointed out that he was, in fact, Chinese, not Vietnamese, Chelsea Handler said, "Whatever." Yeah. That sort of "humor" never leads to trouble.


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