Linda Hogan: Gimme Half!

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To quote Eddie Murphy's classic stand up routine, Raw: Linda Hogan wants half!

In her divorce settlement with former WWE superstar Hulk Hogan, Linda is reportedly seeking half of the couple's more than $9.5 million in assets, including a share of the value of their Bel Air mansion.

Hulk Hogan's Girlfriend

According to People magazine, Linda Bollea (Hulk's real name is Terry Bollea) refers to the 24-year marriage "irretrievably broken."

Citing the divorce petition filed in Florida's Pinellas Pasco Circuit Court, Linda wants to share parental responsibility for their son Nick with whom she hopes with live while her husband has "liberal" visitation rights.

The couple's eldest child, Brooke Hogan, 19, is not legally subject to child support requirements. She's also a terrible singer.

Linda also seeks an unspecified amount in alimony and child support from The Hulkster, as well as health insurance for Nick Bollea, who has been charged with reckless driving after a car crash in August.

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Hulk Hogan Quotes

I had a real period where I had a tough, tough time. I got caught off guard with this divorce thing. I didn't see it coming. My son is doing better. I pray for my wife every day. I am very grateful because we realize how very blessed we are. Now that we are aware, we are walking in the spirit of God. We are cool. We are way cool.

Hulk Hogan

I was offered lots of [reality] shows when I was making my career comeback against The Rock, but I kept saying no. But years later, it was my daughter’s career and son’s racing career that we were thinking about. We saw the Ashlee Simpson show and Jessica Simpson’s and Lindsay Lohan on the big screen and we just didn’t haven’t a vehicle to compete. But I considered it, because this time it was about the Hogan family rather than Hulk Hogan; they all wanted to do it and I tried to warn them about what they were in for. Now look what happened.

Hulk Hogan