Katie Cassidy Busted For Boozing; Gave Cops False Name

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Actress Katie Cassidy, the daughter of musician David Cassidy, was snared by police a few weeks ago for alleged underage boozing. Ho hum, right?

Well, the crazy part of the story is that Katie Cassidy tried to get out of her arrest by pretending to be someone else - actress Taylor Quinn Cole!

Katie Cassidy, star of CW's Supernatural and longtime pal of Lauren Conrad and girlfriend of Jesse McCartney, was arrested in Tucson, Ariz., when she was riding in a car that was pulled over for several moving violations.

According to the police report, cops noticed that Katie Cassidy reeked of alcohol and that her face was "expressionless," they asked for I.D.

Cassidy allegedly told officers her name was Taylor Quinn Cole (who has guest starred on Supernatural - and is not the Taylor Cole who starred on Laguna Beach, mind you) and that she was from Vancouver (Katie is from L.A.).

Lastly, and most humorously, Katie Cassidy told the police that she was 21, and that her birthday was April 29, 1984 - which would make her, you know, 23.

After cops pointed out her l'il math mistake, Katie admitted lying about her identity, explaining that she was "a Hollywood actress" and was "scared."

The arresting officer then called her mom, who asked "what could be done" to help Katie's cause. We suggest getting O.J. Simpson involved somethow.

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