Break Out the Booze: Jason Wahler Released From Jail

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Looks like for Jason Wahler, the slate is finally clean... er.

The Laguna Beach alumnus was released from a Seattle jail on Tuesday after serving 20 days of his 30-day sentence stemming his arrest for drunkenly roughing up a hotel security guard in April, his publicist confirms.

The Seattle City Attorney's Office said when Jason Wahler turned himself in to start his sentence that he could potentially get out early due to good behavior.

"He's free," Wahler's publicist said. "And he's doing very well."

Jason Wahler, who spent two months in rehab earlier this year following no fewer than four arrests on a variety of booze-fueled charges, avoided getting nailed with 60 additional days behind bars in L.A. after a sympathetic judge determined that he needed to quit drinking more than anything else.

The 20-year-old fiance of Katja Decker-Sadowski and ex-beau of Lauren Conrad did not get out of jail free in Seattle, however, after committing assault and criminal trespass and underage drinking in a hotel brawl April 8.

According to authorities, Jason Wahler left the hotel briefly after the rumble but was later discovered by police passed out in a third-floor hallway.

But now, according to myriad accounts, including his own, Jason Wahler is back on the straight and narrow. After completing a stint at an in-house treatment facility, performing community service and attending some anger management counseling, he continues to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Jason Wahler remains on probation in California until May 2010.

As for his career moves, he is currently shooting the horror movie 10,000 Doors, and said he's signed on to star in a new reality show, Teen Savers, where he will mentor at-risk youth attempting to get their lives in order, no doubt imparting some been-there, done-that wisdom in the process.


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