Akon Staring at Another Konviction For Chucking Fan

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The video clip of Akon tossing a fan off stage into the crowd at a concert has come back to haunt him: Police are slapping the hip-hop star with criminal charges after a fan said she suffered a concussion in the incident.

Akon is scheduled to appear in a Fishkill, N.Y., court Monday to be arraigned on misdemeanor charges of endangering the welfare of a minor and second-degree harassment, the Associated Press reports this morning.

Akon and Michael Jackson

The charges stem from an incident in June when Akon was performing at a concert and someone in the crowd allegedly threw something at the singer on stage.

Akon asked the crowd to point out the culprit so he could smack dat. A security guard picked a 15-year-old out from the crowd and sent him up to the stage.

Akon promptly tossed him end-over-end into the crowd, where he landed on another fan, Abby Rosa, who told reporters she suffered a concussion.

The singer, who has been a magnet for controversy, later denied wrongdoing in the incident. There was no immediate comment from Akon's representatives. Presumably they are too busy writing lame songs that they think sound hard.

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