Taking a Shot with Tila Tequila

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Move over, Spencer Pratt, Whitney Port, Tiffany Pollard and the countless other stars that have risen to fame for... being famous.

Starting tonight, MySpace vixen Tila Tequila is throwing her often nude body into the reality TV ring. She stars in A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila on MTV. The premise of the show?

Tila and Casey

Just like Brad Womack on The Bachelor, Tequila is faced with numerous suitors hoping to win her affection. The twist? They're male and female. That's right, Tila plays for both teams.

Our friends at BuddyTV recently spoke with the model...

How did this reality show start? Did you approach the network or did they approach you with this idea?
They approached me with this idea, 'cause you know, my whole life's been out there on the Internet. Everyone kind of knew about the bisexual part, and coming to me was like, so what can we do with a cool show? And I was like thinking, well, I don't want to do any typical follow me around doing music, or whatever.

And, as they got to know me, they found out I was bisexual, and they thought like, "Wow, this is a great idea for a show. Would you mind doing that?" So that's how it happened.

As someone who is bisexual, what has been your past experience with relationships? Have you dated more men or women, or has it been equal?
It's been pretty equal, 'cause I've gone through phases where I'd like girls a lot. And I'm so sick and tired of chicks, they're so dramatic, I get away for a while. And then after being on guys for a while and having lots of guy friends, then I'll start missing the feminine stuff, and I'd be going over to the other side again. Oh wow, I wish I had a girlfriend, I'm so tired of guys. So it's always back and forth like that, 'cause I'm always hanging out with just girls or just guys.

And what is the format for this show? Each week, do you eliminate an equal number of people from each of the two groups?
Yeah, because at the end of the day I'm looking for someone I can fall in love with, and that's just gonna be one person. Whether it's a guy or girl, that's for the end of the show, but yeah, we keep it pretty fair. When I eliminate people, it's the same amount of people from each side. I try to be as fair as possible, so one side doesn't get up on the other side.

Read the rest of the Tila Tequila interview by following our link.


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They are much hotter this time. Before season 1, I didn't know that I would be into the dikish kind of girls. I thought I was only into lipstick lesbians. But the show actually helped me open up and I realized that I do like the butchy girls a lot.

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I think nerdy stuff is sexy. I like to watch the History Channel and learn about the universe, quantum physics and stuff like that.

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