Matt Leinart Loves Football, Hanging Out With Celebrities

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You might know Matt Leinart as a Heisman-winning football star from USC. Or the guy who knocked up ex-girlfriend Brynn Cameron and has been in a public war of words with her over parenting habits and custody of their son, Cole.

The broken collarbone he suffered this year might make it difficult to hold Cole, but Matt Leinart insists he wants to spend more time with his kind, not less. He also likes to date celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Kristin Cavallari.

In a recent Playboy interview, the Arizona Cardinals signal-caller dishes that he goes out with Will Ferrell, watches sports with Ashton Kutcher, shoots baskets with Nick Lachey, has a crush on Jennifer Aniston and even manages to make some time for football now and then. Here's an excerpt ...

Was there any one incident once you got to the NFL that taught you that you needed to watch what you do in public?

Matt Leinart:
I can't say there's any one incident since I've been in Arizona but I know that you can't really trust anybody, boy or girl, man or woman. You don't know what people are out for. It's hard, you know? You go out and people try to trap you. There are traps and temptations and all kinds of stuff that happens. I'm a 24-year-old kid. I guess I'm not your average guy but I act like one. It's difficult, man. A lot of people make up lies and a lot of people have their perceptions just because I'm a quarterback or because I'm a pro football player. They automatically assume that I'm one way or another.

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