Kate Bosworth: Looking Beautiful, Not Too Thin

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Celebrating, happy and looking downright satiated at Elle Magazine's 14th Annual Women In Hollywood party, Kate Bosworth is gorgeous. Completing throwing The Hollywood Gossip for a loop, Kate looks great and we've got nothin' about eating disorders, skin and bones, or driving under the legal weight limit.

Just praise for a beautiful actress. James Rousseau, you keep up the good work, man. Whatever you're doing, it's been a positive influence.

Kate Bosworth at the Gala

Kate Bosworth: No longer among the anorexic waif ranks?

Man, with Kate Bosworth putting on the pounds and Nicole Richie growing a child inside her, who are we going to poke fun at around here?

It's a sad day in the anemic world. But we still have Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. Good thing they aren't going anywhere. Let's hear it for train wrecks!

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Kate Bosworth is cute, yet extremely thin. Seriously, this frail, bony actress has got to eat something. And we're not talking a hot beef... More »
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Catherine Ann Bosworth