Kanye West Looks Stupid, Escorts Alexis Phifer

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Based on his new single, we thought Kanye West was getting Stronger.

Guess the supposedly tough rapper meant Dorkier, though.

A Kanye Photo

At the Dior fashion show in Paris yesterday, Alexis Phifer looks embarrassed to be spotted next to her Steve Urkel look-alike of a fiance.

This is the dude who was gonna fight 50 Cent?!? He looks like he can barely handle Miley Cyrus.

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Michael Jackson, amazing. Michael Phelps, amazing... He's a real f---in' person; he makes mistakes.

Kanye West

Yo, Taylor. I'm really happy for you. I'mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time.

Kanye West