Jennifer Lopez Gets Naked to Sell Perfume

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Hey, remember when Jennifer Lopez was as prominent a name in the world of celebrity gossip as Britney Spears, Heidi Montag and Vanessa Hudgens are now? No?

We don't blame you. It's been an awfully long time.

Jennifer Lopez on Idol Stage

Marc Anthony's wife has seen movies bomb, album sales tank and pregnancy rumors become the only topic ever associated with her. Now, looking for any kind of commercial success, J. Lo is about to come out with another fragrance line.

This one is called "Deseo" and Lopez doesn't sound at all phony when discussing her reasons for creating it:

"I have a lot of synergy happening in my life right now that is taking me back to my roots and to everything that I'm about and how I was raised. This is what I really find my heart is into. It's the first time I have decided to use a Spanish word for one of our fragrances.

We really look at where I am at in my life and what is important to me at that time. But the one thing that we have always concentrated on from the beginning is to be as truthful as we can."

Doesn't Jennifer Lopez claim to be street tough? You know, from the Block and all? Not a lot of people from the block have their own scent... unless she's referring to cigarettes and malt liquor.


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