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A new low, even by her standards? Kinky photos of a practically naked Britney Spears perched on a priest’s lap and leaning seductively up against a church confessional have sparked outrage among Catholic leaders.

At least one said the Britney Spears photos, which grace (if you can call it that) the singer’s new dance album, Blackout, are a “bottom of the barrel” stunt from a girl who really could use some time in a real confessional.

“This is all the puzzle pieces coming together. This girl is crashing,” said Bill Donohue, president of the New York-based Catholic League.

“[Britney Spears] is not even allowed to bring up her own kids because she’s not responsible enough. Now we see that she can’t even entertain.”

A call placed to Britney Spears’ record label, Jive Records, by the New York Daily News, which reported this story, was not returned. 

Britney Spears: Getting kinky with sexual photos in church.

Her new album, which hits store shelves today, comes amid the “Gimme More” singer’s custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline.

The judge who stripped Spears of all but monitored visitation with her two young sons, Sean Preston Federline and Jayden James Federline, dubbing the walking train wreck a “habitual” user of drugs and alcohol. She’s also bonkers!

Judge Scott Gordon, who is expected to issue new custody orders this week, has chastised Spears for courting the celebrity news media’s attention with her many non-essential daily trips to places like gas stations and Starbucks.

“It does not seem [Britney Spears] has been taking many steps to not keep herself in the public eye at all times,” the judge said.

Now there’s an astute observation. In related news, Brad Womack is hot!