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Looks like Britney Spears has something to get off her chest. And no, we’re not talking about a pesky bra. Girl loves being topless! And wearing no underwear!

Really, just ask Tuesday Knight! But in this case, we mean it in a different way – her sweatshirt in the pic below proclaims: “F*%k Off Lover Boy.” Class.

Britney Spears sends a thinly-veiled message to someone.

Who is the object of Brit’s bitterness? Could it be ex husbands Kevin Federline and Jason Alexander? Or perhaps Daimon Shippen? Isaac Cohen? JR Rotem?

Regardless, the 25-year-old “singer” showed off the outfit while driving in Malibu, Calif., on October 16. The message was on the back of the jacket, which Spears was wearing backwards. No word on whether she turned it around on purpose to make a statement, or was simply confused while dressing.

The sweatshirt isn’t the only incidence of Spears swearing of late. Last week, she was heard dropping the f-bomb and other choice comments at Neiman Marcus.

The train wreck then summoned her assistant, Bret, to bring her dog, London. She was told, though, that the Yorkie was at her house in Malibu – 27 miles away.

“F*%k that,” Britney Spears replied. “That will take us an hour to drive there. Can’t we have the dog messengered over?”

Classic Britney. Spears then went on to badmouth the judge presiding over her ongoing custody battle / trial, calling him “catty” and an “old fart” who “gets off” on “telling people what to do” and shows Britney “no respect.”