Rachel Bilson, Puppy Out For a Walk

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Now this is some cute stuff from the world of celebrity pets. Rachel Bilson drops off her dog, Thurmen Murmen, at her mom's house in L.A. on Wednesday.

The former star of The OC sure is looking super cute in a short black sheer dress (with a white slip underneath) and brown boots. Sexy!

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson

Her furry pal, who she used to share with ex Adam Brody, is pretty adorable himself. Wonder how he feels about Adam moving on to Lauren German.

Not sure about the dog's name, though. Thurmen Murmen?

For some reason, we find it a little lame. While some of our staff members have big time crushes on Rachel Bilson, she got knocked down a few pegs with this.

She could move back up the ladder if we like her during her upcoming stint on Chuck. Although something tells us she'd be better suited for Gossip Girl.


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