More Details in O.J. Simpson Robbery Investigation

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O.J. Simpson has been contacted by Las Vegas authorities and is cooperating with the investigation after being named as a suspect in an armed robbery of "various sports-related products" in a hotel, according to news sources.

"Mr. Simpson is cooperating with the Las Vegas Police Department during this investigation," Capt. James Dillon said at a press conference.

Dillon said O.J. Simpson was and remains one of the suspects in the case, and that the former double-murderer football star was initially asked to undergo questioning after being contacted by police at a Las Vegas hotel.

At the time of the press conference, Dillon said O.J. Simpson was not in custody, nor was he restricted from leaving Las Vegas.

Las Vegas detectives expected to question Simpson later Friday and possibly into Saturday. No word on whether they have at the time of this post.

Dillon provided few details of the case. When asked if guns were used, he said, "We have reports from the victim that there are weapons involved."

None of the alleged weapons had been recovered, said Dillon, though some of the sports items involved in the case have been.

Earlier Friday, Simpson admitted it.

Going into the hotel room, that is. He says he only went in to collect memorabilia that belonged to him, though, and did not break into the premises.

The break-in was reported at the Palace Station casino late Thursday night, police spokesman Jose Montoya told the Associated Press.

"Simpson made the comment that he believed the memorabilia was his," he said. "We're getting conflicting stories from the two sides."

The alleged victim was identified by TMZ as Alfred Beardsley.

A sports memorabilia collector, Alfred Beardsley says Simpson and his posse posed as customers who wanted to buy the suit Simpson wore when he was acquitted in the murders of his ex-wife Nicole and Ron Goldman.

Beardsley says they entered the room and two men drew guns. He said O.J. Simpson was calling the shots during the alleged robbery.

O.J. Simpson claims he was merely running his own personal "sting" operation, and went into the hotel room to get back things he says are his.


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