Michael Vick Support Group Gets Another Member

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The growing list of celebrities clamoring to join the Michael Vick Fan Club - still a very short, moronic list - has another new member: Glenn Plummer.

The Showgirls star went off on a passionate defense of the disgraced Vick while clubbin' at Les Deux last night. He said, quote:

"$h!t, nigg@s been fighting dogs since we were born!"

Way to keep it real. Dog.

Channeling his inner Whoopi Goldberg and Stephon Marbury, Plummer went on to explain that there's "a million people" fighting dogs, and that:

"They catch Michael Vick and they just want to put him on the spotlight, you know what I'm sayin'? Go find out who really doing it!"

Actually, Michael Vick was really doing it. That's why he was, you know, indicted and pled guilty to funding the dogfighting ring, and is going to prison.


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