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Katie Couric is known for being a trustworthy news source.

But her daughters, Ellie and Carrie, appear to really be in the know when it comes to the boob tube.

“They watch The O.C.,” Couric told People magazie. “They’re very excited about Gossip Girl. I don’t think they pay a lot of attention to the news right now. They’re 16 and 11.”

These insightful words came Tuesday at Washington, D.C.’s National Press Club to veteran journalist and scholar Marvin Kalb. Couric said of her daughters:

“They do watch my broadcast occasionally. I give them a pop quiz when I come home for dinner.”

Overall, the CBS news anchor is afraid she isn’t being taken seriously due to the nature of some of her past Today segments.

“Suddenly when I was put in a format where it was [not] personality-driven at all, I think it was a bit of an adjustment for people.”