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Completely buried by the fact that Britney Spears humiliated herself and gave celebrity news sites endless fodder with her god-awful performance at the MTV Music Video Awards is the controversy over one of her new songs.

As we reported last Thursday, Britney Spears’ “Baby Boy” (a.k.a. the slow jam leaked by Perez Hilton that sounds nasally, whiny and incomprehensibly bad) sounds eerily similar to a song by singer-songwriter Kim Ross.

Follow the link to listen to Kim Ross’ “Beautiful Lies.”

Did Britney and her managers steal the song? It certainly looks that way, but one reader isn’t buying it. The tracks sound more than just similar – they’re exactly the same, says Jz (no relation to Beyonce’s boyfriend), who believes this to be a stunt.

Here’s what this reader of The Hollywood Gossip writes:

Just a minute. I listened to both tracks. Usually when I hear a rip off, I hear something very similar. BUT in this case, the two songs have THE SAME EXACT, IDENTICAL instruments and sound effects! Normally when someone rips off a track, the musicians disguise it by changing the instruments etc.

For some reason I can’t under stand one person had to have access to the others source recordings! No one would rip that blatantly. For that, I’m suspecting this is some kind of publicity stunt to get Kim Ross noticed.

I mean, HOW could Britney Spears’ producers get a hold of the EXACT sounds from Kim’s recordings unlesshe [sic] shared them? Is there a karaoke version with no words to one of the songs? What going on here? I realize that with EXTREME effort a songs instruments could be made to sound that close, but WHY? Copying instruments isn’t needed to rip a song… Plus it gets the person doing it caught. Again, something is fishy about this claim. I wish I understood it better.”

So do we. What do you think? Did Britney Spears bogart the track? Or do you buy this alternate theory? And did anyone see her at the VMAs? She was bad!