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David Beckham says his kids and wife Victoria Beckham have been welcomed in the U.S., even if any real sports fans still think soccer is painfully boring.

Okay, so we said the last part, not Becks. Man, he is handsome.

David and Victoria Beckham at the Royal Wedding

A knee injury sustained this week will sideline the British soccer star for as long as 10 weeks, possibly ending his season with the L.A. Galaxy and abruptly ending the hoopla over his arrival in America.

“Obviously, I’ll be working at trying to get myself fit and trying to get myself better, and hopefully be able to maybe play before the end of the season,” Beckham, 32, told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show.

“But the doctors are not that sure about it. It’s disappointing and frustrating at the moment.”

David Beckham strained knee ligaments during a fierce tackle at Wednesday night’s game against CF Pachuca Superliga at L.A.’s Home Depot Center.

An MRI on Thursday confirmed the injury, and the team said he would be out as long as six weeks, though Beckham put the estimate longer at 8-10 weeks.

“I’m hopping about at the moment, which isn’t great,” he says.

Hey, more time to stare at his wife’s huge boobs!

David Beckham, who had already been nursing an ankle injury, says he may have rushed back too early. Hey, you gotta prove you’re worth $50 million a year.


“My ankle is not completely right, maybe 90 percent right,” Beckham told Seacrest. “I always try to play. That’s the problem. Coming back and going into game not fully fit, it gives my body a chance to have other injuries.”

Otherwise, life in America with wife Victoria and their three sons is great, though he acknowledges the spotlight has “put more pressure “on the team.

Any pressure, of course, would be more than zero. Seriously, did anyone know the L.A. Galaxy even existed before they signed David Beckham?

“I think it’s been very difficult for everyone,” he says.

“But it’s also been good in a lot of ways as well. This league needs the attention. The club needs the attention. This sport needs the attention in the United States. In a good way it’s worked, in other ways it’s not.”

As for his personal life, he says the kids are happy in school and loving America, while he and Posh are looking to (gulp) expand the brood.

“At some point we will. We were speaking about it the other day,” he says. “We both want four or five kids and a big family.”

Guess she’ll be seeing David Beckham nude again soon then.