Brad Womack Not Swayed By Past Bachelor Failures

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Two seasons ago, Lorenzo Borghese chose Jennifer Wilson over Sadie Murray, then dumped her for Sadie Murray, who he then broke up with.

Last season, Andy Baldwin chose Tessa Horst over Bevin Powers, then broke off his engagement to Tessa and has been seen with Sepideh Haftgoli.

With this kind of track record, is Brad Womack intimidated as he prepares to begin his turn as the star of ABC's long-running hit, The Bachelor?

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"I am very well aware of the success rate of the past Bachelors - some have worked and some haven't," Womack said.

THG NOTE: None have worked. Look it up. Just saying.

"Honestly, I didn't even let that enter my mind. I just thought, 'This is my experience and only my experience.' I wanted to go into it with an open mind, and I did just that."

However, Brad Womack, 34, an Austin, Tex., bar owner, wouldn't give away whether he pops the question to his final bachelorette during the already filmed conclusion of the 11th season of The Bachelor.

"All I can say is ... I'm extremely happy with the turnout of the show. I know that's a generic answer, I wish I could give you more."

Interesting. Brad Womack said he's also "always been a very loyal person," so it should be relatively easy for him to remain faithful to his selected suitor while being away from her over the course of The Bachelor's broadcast run.

"It's a bit different in the aftermath [of filming The Bachelor]," he said. "But I think if a connection was made, then it's easy to keep it, for me anyway."

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