Can Brad Womack Break The Bachelor Curse?

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This week, U.S. Navy Lt. Andy Baldwin and Tessa Horst, who met on the last season of ABC's The Bachelor, officially called off their engagement.

While Baldwin and Tessa Horst claim they are still dating, the decision to nix a wedding means that in 10 seasons, not one couple so far has tied the knot.

Of course, there are a few asterisks.

Spurned on one early season, Trista Sutter (formerly Trista Rehn) went on to star in The Bachelorette spin-off, where she met Ryan Sutter. They're married and have a baby!

Also, Lorenzo Borghese is reportedly dating Sadie Murray, who he rejected on the season finale, in favor of Jennifer Wilson, who he has dumped. So don't count out the prince!

Still, none of this bodes well for Brad Womack (above, right), the Austin, Texas bar owner who follows in the footsteps of Baldwin (above, left) on September 24.

Can Brad Womack be the first to find everlasting love? What do you think?


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