Zac Efron: Almost Shirtless, Definitely Full of Himself

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Heart throb alert, ladies!

While men are ogling over Katharine McPhee underwear photos, you can set your sights on the new Rolling Stone cover... featuring a sort of topless Zac Efron.

In the affiliated interview, the High School Musical star talks about not actually singing on camera, as well as the pitfalls of celebrity gossip. He sounds a bit full of himself in every response...

On why he refused to go on the High School Musical tour:
"If I had to hear the High School Musical songs anymore, I probably would have jumped off something very tall."

On not being allowed to sing in High School Musical:
"I didn't even sing on the first album. It wasn't my voice in the movie. Even though I wanted to do it. So what do you do when the entire cast is supposed to accept an award at the Billboard Awards and your voice is only on the album in a select few lines. I felt extremely guilty."

* The Hollywood Gossip Note: It's all good, Zac. Brooke Hogan makes money by not really singing, also.

On fame:
"A lot of problems you see people having in this business is that it becomes about their personal lives and not about their work. Matthew McConaughey has single-handedly funded the tabloid magazines for the past two years now. If he would put on a shirt and just get away from the beach, maybe there would be a few less paparazzi around."

* The Hollywood Gossip note: Feel free to replace Matthew McConaughey and shirt with Britney Spears and underwear to relay the same message.

* Another Hollywood Gossip note: Hate to break it to you, Zac, but you're sort of going topless in this cover picture, too.

On the silver "commitment" ring he wears:
"I'm not even going to say who it's from. This is just a ring from a friend that I got. ‘Commitment' is way too weird a word for me right now. I'm wearing it for a friend…It is a female friend, but I can't say who, because then it would be chat-room pandemonium and teenage magazine-hysteria."

* The Hollywood Gossip note: Yeah... it's Vanessa Hudgens.

On criticism:
"I can't even go on IMDB because I know that so much of it would be negative. It's just depressing. I know, for instance, at my cousin's school, there's a club called the I Hate Zac Efron Club. And I laughed hysterically when I heard that. I laughed because if there are people out there devoted enough to make a club that hates me, I've gotta be doing something right."

Well, we're not sure if we follow that logic. But we do know that Ashley Tisdale and teenage girls everywhere do not hate Zac. At all.


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Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens
Zac Efron is a young, adorable actor. He's often compared to Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio. His career begin with High School Musical,... More »
San Luis Obispo, California
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Zachary Efron

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Everything's been stepped up a few notches, all the dances, and I think the songs are pretty catchy this time around. And it's our senior year, so we've got graduation and prom to look forward to. All fun things to have in a movie.

Zac Efron [on High School Musical 3]

You never know with teenage girls. It's funny. But they're always, most of the time they're pretty respectful, and I love 'em. I'm very grateful.

Zac Efron