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Many fans of High School Musical seem to think Zac Efron is dating the wrong actress.

They see this young stud muffin starring in Got Milk ad campaigns with Ashley Tisdale and lighting up the small screen by her side and think: what a perfect match!

But these Zac zealots are overlooking how perfect the actor is for another co-star: Vanessa Hudgens. In fact, each wears a commitment/friendship ring on the right index finger, reportedly having had them personalized with one another’s names.

Isn’t that sweet?

Zac Efron at 2017 MTV Awards

Overall, life is pretty good for Hudgens, who recently signed on as the latest model for clothing brand Ecko Unlimited. She’s sort of following in the footsteps of another Vanessa in this regard, as Vanessa Minnillo is the beautiful body behind Bongo.

If she continues to follow that path, Hudgens and Efron will move in together, just like Minnillo and Nick Lachey. We hope these two kids wait a bit, however. They’re still very young.

And there’s still another season of High School Musical to enjoy, as the next one kicks off in August.