Stephen Belafonte: Paternity Issues of his Own

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Melanie Brown really knows how to pick them.

As if her problems with ex-boyfriend Eddie Murphy - and father of her daughter, Angel Iris - were not enough, it now turns out that new husband Stephen Belafonte is less than a model papa, as well.

According to celebrity gossip expert TMZ, the groom was sued in 2006 to force him to pay child support to his baby mama.

The site has obtained a complaint filed against Belafonte by the County of Los Angeles in 2006, ordering him to pay $254 a month in support for his 3-year-old daughter, Giselle.

That's just slightly less than the amount Brynn Cameron is getting from Matt Leinart.

We do feel badly for Brown, but we're guessing the same isn't being said by Joel Madden: this is all lowering the bar of fatherhood by such a vast amount that he's bound to do a good job.


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