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When you're a celebrity gossip mainstay, you can't just be a somewhat cute young lady and mediocre actress. We know not everyone is expected to be as smokin' hot as Hayden Panettiere or as much of a wreck as Britney Spears, but at least give it a shot!

We're talking to you, Kate Bosworth.

Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth Photo

The blonde was seen out last night with her boyfriend, James Rousseau, looking happy and well fed. Her outfit is cute and they seem to be having a nice time. Ho hum.

Seriously, if you told us six months ago that they ate at a place called Il Sole (they did), we would have suggested that Kate got ill afterwards and didn't tell a soul.

But alas, nowadays Kate Bosworth is looking as if she enjoys the occasional beef injection (we're talking about eating steak) and there's very little to say. Oh well.

We're not sure they can quite measure up to Zanessa in terms of celebrity couple cuteness, but Kate Bosworth and James Rousseau more than hold their own.

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Kate Bosworth is cute, yet extremely thin. Seriously, this frail, bony actress has got to eat something. And we're not talking a hot beef... More »
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Catherine Ann Bosworth