Jordin Sparks on Blake Lewis Dating Rumors: Ha! Ha!

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Jordin Sparks has a new song out, Tattoo.

She also has a message for anyone that thinks her and Blake Lewis are an item: They are not.

"It makes me laugh. We went through this whole experience and it's like I can't even look at him that way," she recently said.

But it's all part of being in the celebrity gossip spotlight. Sparks now has to put up with dating rumors... and difficulty at the mall.

"I can't really go to the mall anymore," Sparks said. Even though she's tried everything to be able to go out in public and not get recognized â€" including wearing hats and hoods â€" she sticks out "like a sore thumb."

That's typically due to the hair, which may as least give Britney Spears some excuse for shaving all hers off. But not really.

"Everything is coming so fast. My life is just turned upside down. But I love it and I want to do it for as long as I can," Jordin said.

As far as "Tattoo" goes, Sparks fell in love upon first listen. The track describes the scar left when a relationship ends and was one of the first songs she considered for her debut album after winning American Idol in May.

"I didn't even get through the first chorus before I was like, 'I need to have this song!'"

That's how we felt the first time we saw Jessica Alba nude photos.

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