Friday Night Spotlight: Kyle Chandler

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It's our duty as television fans - nay, as human being fans - to extol the virtues of Friday Night Lights.

The NBC show deserves the Emmy Award for Best Drama, yet was not even nominated in the category. This is akin to a mental institution not even considering Britney Spears for admission, or Playboy turning down the chance to print Heidi Klum nude photos.

Therefore, it's the job of The Hollywood Gossip to inform viewers of just how great a program Friday Night Lights truly is. And a major reason for this praise? Kyle Chandler.

Fans may recognize this actor from his stints on Grey's Anatomy and One Life to Live. But he's truly making a name for himself by portraying Coach Eric Taylor, a man oozing with both compassion and intensity. It's a nuanced role - and it's one Chandler excels in.

So tune in Friday nights (see, it's easy to remember!) this fall to watch the most underrated actor and show on TV.

If you don't, we'll send a drunk and disorderly Jason Wahler to track you down.


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Kyle Chandler is the most underrated actor on TV. He stars as Coach Eric Taylor on the NBC drama Friday Night Lights. More »
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