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Rumer Willis might not be able to explain the first name her parents chose for her – but the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore can detail the basis for a weird photo that surfaced on celebrity gossip sites last week.

Taken from upcoming comedy House Bunny, the picture features her character wearing just a dunce cap and silver back brace. Underneath, she’s pretty much as naked as Holly Madison during a Tuesday at the Playboy Mansion.

“That picture was taken from a photo shoot we did for the movie for a calendar in the film that shows [the sorority girls] going too far,” Willis told People Saturday during an Art of Elysium benefit held at the French Connection Beach House in Malibu. “Somebody happened to take a picture and leak it. It is what it is.”

Rumer Willis at the SAGs
(Getty Images)

Don’t worry, Rumer. New Keira Knightley nude pics should take people’s attention away from this weird photograph.

Willis, who often gets advice about the business from her movie star mom and dad, took the leak in stride. After all, her father has just been snapped being straddled by Karen McDougal. It goes with the celebrity territory.

“I’ve been really lucky,” Willis said. “I’m so grateful to have [my parents], who have worked so much and so diversely in this business, when I go out on auditions or when I have questions about stuff.”

She also loves the fellow actresses in the movie.

“The girls I’m working with are such sweethearts, and I tend to not like girls, and I think most of my costars are the same way but we all get along so well,” she said.

Those House Bunny costars include American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee and Scary Movie star Anna Faris, who plays a recently-fired centerfold who signs up to be the house mother at the nerdiest sorority on campus.

Rumer plays an insecure student who wears a back brace even though she could have had it removed years ago. Makes sense to us.