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So what if the previous star of The Bachelor was a naval officer? For how long can Andy Baldwin do a keg stand?

That’s what fans of the ABC reality show are curious about, now that bar owner Brad Womack has been named as the latest stud to set his sights on 25 desperate, pathetic women.

Womack and his friends started The Chuggin Monkey, a raucous, popular locale in Austin, Texas. The bar’s website describes it as “a place where everyone is welcome, no matter who you are or what you do. The only thing that is not allowed is a bad attitude.”

Guess that means Cisco Adler won’t be invited any time soon.

Considering how dorky (albeit impressive) Baldwin seemed – and how lame Lorenzo Borghese clearly was – Womack does appear to be the hippest Bachelor in a long time.

Hopefully, this leads to a record-numbers of tears shed by lonely young women that get sent home by the business owner.

That’s Brad Womack, the latest heart throb on ABC’s The Bachelor, in the middle of a bar-owning crowd.