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Who cares that John Travolta is playing a woman in the new movie version of Hairspray?

The real news at Tuesday night’s premiere in L.A. was that Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were seen cuddling in public. There’s little doubt this is the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie of the teen set.

People magazine was on the scene as Efron – who plays hunky Link Larkin in the film – and his High School Musical co-star arrived separately to the Mann Village Theater in Westwood, but reunited once inside and cozied up to watch the movie with the rest of the Hairspray cast, including Travolta and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Afterwards, the couple with the best nickname in Hollywood (sorry, Gyllenhaarsgaard) held hands as they navigated their way through the afterparty at the Ackerman Union on the UCLA campus.

Each Hairspray star had his or her own table. At Efron’s, he and Hudgens were joined by their fellow High School Musical alum, Ashley Tisdale. But Zac barely had time to socialize as he was bombarded by fans requesting photos and autographs.

The life of a teenage hunk is far from easy. It’s something Jayden James Federline has time to prepare for, at least.

Meanwhile, Hudgens and Tisdale chatted up Hairspray star Amanda Bynes, grabbed some grub and danced to the live band’s rendition of “Proud Mary.” Once in a while they’d check back in at Efron’s table, where his mother, Starla, and Tisdale’s mother, Lisa, were also seated.

Tisdale was awfully impressed by her pal’s performance in the movie.

“He’s hot!” she told People. “I remember when he got this role, I was like, ‘That’s so cool.’ He reminds me of a young John Travolta.”

Uh-oh. Might Ashley be making a move on Zac? Keep an eye out, Vanessa Hudgens.