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Scruffy jailbird Jason Wahler and a gal pal were spotted strutting down L.A.’s Robertson Blvd. on Saturday by TMZ … and believe it or not, he didn’t get arrested for anything!

In what appeared to be a power walk – replete with giant coffee and a smoke – the stud from Laguna Beach and The Hills didn’t seem to be going anywhere in particular.

When asked if he was attending a promotional event being held down the street at Kitson for Hairspray, he said, “Um, no way.”

How Hairspray star Zac Efron would respond to this remark, we can’t say.

Nor can we say definitively whether Jason Wahler’s companion on this stroll was Katja Decker-Sadowski, the USC tennis player he’s reportedly dating.

But we’re fairly confident in stating that J-Wahl seems to be in much better spirits and doing a lot better since leaving rehab and we’re happy for him.

Now, someone just keep Lauren Conrad away from him, please.