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In a world of self-centered, spoiled celebrities, it’s nice to see that Heather Mills isn’t going the way of Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears.

No, the ex-wife of Paul McCartney is completely grounded, lacking any air of self-entitlement. She just won’t settle for anything under $100 million in the former couple’s divorce case.

The Times of London is reporting that Mills turned down a $40 million offer – and the former Dancing with the Stars contestant won’t budge on her demand for a large chunk of McCartney’s billion-dollar net worth.

Lawyers in the case are wary of any settlements.

“It could well go to trial because they are both quite stubborn,” one lawyer told the Times. “Five days is only a relatively short hearing, but then the issues are fairly straightforward and it was a short marriage.”

But not short enough for Mills to realize how little she deserves, of course. Even Nicole Richie saw when she was beaten recently, pleading guilty in her DUI case and accepting jail time.

So get over yourself, you fake leg, attention-seeker. You’ve got plenty of money coming to you no matter what. And if you need more, there are always Heather Mills nude photos you can sell.