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You’ll have to wait at least 27 days before you can think of Hayden Panettiere nude and not be considered a complete pervert.

But you can drool over her Heroes co-star, Ali Larter, naked below.

On the show, Larter possesses unique strength and a fairly unstable personality. But this picture reveals this actress’ true super power: beauty.

Ali Larter at the People's Choice Awards
(Corbis via Getty Images)

Wearing nothing but a sheet, the former Varsity Blues cheerleader ditches the whipped cream biking for something even hotter: nothing at all. Tila Tequila must be proud.

If you thought past Ali Larter photos were gorgeous, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Based on her recent trouble, it sounds as though Britney Spears could learn a thing or two dozen abut how to pose by taking a look at this image. It really isn’t that hard, Brit.