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Thank you, Samantha Ronson. Someone had to put Candy Spelling in her place.

The mother of Tori Spelling has been going off on random celebrities left and right. As TMZ reports, though, Ronson stepped up and took Candy out to the proverbial woodshed for sticking her nose in everyone’s business.

Over the last few weeks, the elder Spelling has given Larry Birkhead advice, told Paris Hilton to grow up and informed Britney Spears that respected women avoid crotch shots whenever possible.

We couldn’t agree more with the latter two points, but you don’t see us penning open letter to anyone you see fit, do you, Candy? No. We take to the celebrity gossip airwaves instead and simply mock the heck out of these people.

As Ronson says in her MySpace blog below, who is so self-righteous to actually gallop on such a high horse while writing to people they’ve never met? Here’s Samantha’s posting:

i don’t understand the idea of writing an open letter to someone via a gossip website…. it was weird when she knew the person- though- i’m not sure if it’s stranger to write an open letter to someone you know- or someone you don’t know- either way it’s insane! that would be like sending your father a father’s day card through your local newspaper… i don’t get it…. although it is nice to see old people using modern technology- on second thought she probably has some underpaid and overworked young girl taking dictation.

does she honestly think anyone cares what she has to say?

You tell her, non-famous girl that may have been Lindsay Lohan’s girlfriend for a period of time! We could scarcely have said it better ourselves.

Of course, we would question who would use MySpace as a forum to say anything at all noteworthy? But all we need to do is turn to Alexa Ray Joel or Shanna Moakler for that answer.