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We may never get to see it on screen, but Mandy Moore nude has been viewed at least once by unexpected stud, Wilmer Valderrama.

How do we know? Because the actor told Howard Stern a few weeks ago that he took Moore’s virginity back when the couple dated. We assume he gave it back at some point, but Mandy still isn’t too pleased that that information was shared with the world.

“That’s not a fun thing to have said about you,” she told Blender magazine. “Even now when I think about it, I’m like, ugh. It’s pretty tacky.”

Taylor Goldsmith

We can see where Moore is coming from – like Heidi Montag, she probably likes her privacy – but a gal can do a lot worse than Valderrama.

This is the same guy, after all, that’s seen Jennifer Love Hewitt nude and also bedded Lindsay Lohan. And it’s not like the latter will go home with just anyone.

No, wait. That’s exactly what it’s like.