Kevin Federline Doing What Kevin Federline Does Best

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That being nothing.

We don't mean to sound critical, but these are the facts. Kevin Federline may be a relatively stable individual compared to his ex-wife, but the man is still a D-list vagrant.

That said, the former Mr. Britney Spears was in full effect at the 3rd Annual DJ Irie Weekend Kickoff Party at Cameo in Miami on Friday, hosted by Jamie Foxx.

It's a tough life, but sometimes, you gotta take a break from impregnating Shar Jackson, making rap albums among the worst of all time, and partying in Vegas with your crew.

Yes, and like Brooke Hogan at the sight of an open microphone, when Miami beckons, the great K-Fed will answer when that opportunity knocks, yo.

As for Kevin's work schedule, Federline peeps tell TMZ that he is "working on a couple projects to be announced the near future."

Kevin Federline's website, though, lists nothing. No tour, no commercials.

No surprise, either. But at least it looks like he got one of Britney Spears' weird ass hats in the divorce settlement. So there's a silver lining at least.


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