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Like Katherine Heigl, pop star Kelly Clarkson is one of those rare celebs who’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind and answer interview questions honestly.

In a revealing new interview in Elle magazine, Kelly Clarkson confesses that she thinks she’d be a “horrible” mother, has never been in love, and doesn’t necessarily want to get married.

Hey, Britney Spears is 0-2 in the marriage department. So maybe Kelly’s brutal honestly, while unromantic, has something to it. Just saying.

And she doesn’t stop there. The 25-year-old American Idol winner also opens up about her well-publicized disputes with her record label, saying that Clive Davis offered her $10 million to give up five tracks she wrote for her new album.

See interview excerpts below for more of Kelly’s thoughts on being famous, her tumultuous childhood, and the controversy over her next album. Also, check out the picture of Kelly Clarkson below, in which she’s looking downright Sanjaya Malakar-esque.

On not wanting children:
“My point of view is that I shouldn’t be a mother at all, because I’d be horrible. I’m not willing to be that selfless.”

On marriage:
“I’m not keen on marriage. I don’t let many people in. Men come and go. Friends are what I care about.”

THG NOTE: Hear that, Heidi Montag? Dump Spencer, pick up the phone and apologize to LC! Do it now, dammit!

On being famous:
“I could give a crap about being a star. I’ve always just wanted to sing and write.”

On being ambivalent about her success:

“It is weird when a 12-year-old tells me I am their favorite artist. I’m always like, It’s just because you’re young and you haven’t heard everybody yet. In time, I’ll be weeded out. And that’s cool. I know I’m a good singer, but I know who I am, too.”

On her bad qualities:
“I tend to be early. I’m not patient. I have no tolerance for stupidity. I work too much. All my conversations revolve around my job. So I’m boring.”

On never having been in love:
“I know people probably think I’ve been heartbroken, because of the stuff I’ve sung and written. I love my friends and family. But I have never said the words ‘I love you’ to anyone in a romantic relationship. Ever. I am very old-school, conservative when it comes to relationships. Love is something you work at. It doesn’t come easily. There are going to be bad days. You are going to have to work at loving someone when they are being an idiot. People think they’re just going to meet the perfect guy. Don’t be ridiculous.”

THG NOTE: Except for those rare cases when Mr. Right (a.k.a. Simon Monjack) mysteriously appears at your door. And needs to get married ASAP before he gets deported.

On unflattering celebrity gossip articles and paparazzi shots:
“I’m fine with it. I just don’t care. I don’t wear makeup in public. I don’t worry about what I’m wearing. Hell, I wore pajamas in high school.”

On battling with industry executives over the release of My December:
“I’ve sold more than 15 million records worldwide, and still nobody listens to what I have to say. Because I’m 25 and a woman.”

On declining an offer of $10 million by Clive Davis to ditch five of her songs for more radio-friendly picks of his choosing:
“I am a good singer, so I can’t possible be a good writer. Women can’t possibly be good at two things. I haven’t lost my temper about it. It only drives me more. If your thing is to bring me down, cool. I’ll just work harder.”

THG NOTE: Like Katharine McPhee and countless others, Kelly has clashed with the bigwigs in the music biz. But she’s emerged better for it. Take note of this Jordin Sparks, as you begin your own promising career.