Joss Stone, Prince William Rumors Heat Up

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What is a prince to do after his beautiful ex, Kate Middleton, takes up with some schlub named Henry Ropner?

Start hanging out with pop stars, of course.

Future King and Queen

On Saturday, the U.K.'s Daily Mirror reported that Prince William, who is celebrating his 25th birthday today, has been frequently calling Joss Stone, 20.

Reportedly, the discussions revolve around the upcoming concert for his late mother, Princess Diana. The paper says the two are becoming pals.

But a rep for Joss Stone (pictured below, before her pink hair phase) is denying these recent reports that she's becoming super close friends with William.

"They talked about songs she is going to sing at the concert and that is translated into a story about how William has been bombarding her with calls," says her rep, Dave Woolf.

According to Woolf, Joss Stone will sing her song "You Had Me" as well as a cover of Queen's "Under Pressure" and a Tina Turner song that the prince's late mother particularly liked.

"Princess Diana was always a fan of Tina Turner," Woolf says.

Joss Stone, having been born in 1987 - making her a senior citizen compared to Hayden Panettiere, but still a youngan compared to most of us - was only 10 at the time Diana died, so she learned of the princess' musical tastes from Prince William.

"She is really pleased to be involved in the event and was anxious that she do something that would have meant something to the princess as opposed to singing any old three songs. She wanted to get direct input about what they wanted her to do," Woolf said.

William and his brother, Prince Harry, have been taking a big role in organizing the concert, according to a palace source, who says:

"They have had a great time, almost taking the role of promoters. Both William and Harry have had conversations with some of the acts when they thought it was right to do so."

Hopefully Prince Harry's love interest, Chelsey Davy, was also involved in the planning. Otherwise, she might start feeling left out and all.

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