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While most high school juniors are rejoicing over the start of summer vacation, Jordin Sparks has bigger reasons to celebrate.

Since Ryan Seacrest announced her as the newest champion of American Idol, her life has become a whirlwind of excitement – and the Idol nationwide concert tour is still to come.

Just days after her victory over beatboxer Blake Lewis, Jordin Sparks chatted with Us about her newfound fame, dish about what really went on during “girls’ night” and more. Here are a few excerpts from the chat.

Us: Has the fact that you are the American Idol hit you yet?
Jordin Sparks: It hasn’t really set in yet. It’s been really crazy. People keep saying, ‘Hey, we’re on the air with the new American Idol, Jordin Sparks’ and I’m like, ‘What!?!?! Can you repeat that?’ It’s just crazy, because I’ve always wanted to do it and now that I have, I can’t believe that I did and I couldn’t ask for anything more. It’s so much fun.

Us: You have frequently said how when you turned 16, it wasn’t the opportunity to drive a car that excited you, but rather the chance to audition for the show.
Jordin Sparks: It was. It’s been really amazing because having watched the show for so long, I’ve just been like, ‘I want to do that,’ but I was too young. So I just watched the show and I saw what songs really got people going and what songs didn’t. Being on that stage was one of the most amazing things ever.

Us: And not only did you take the American Idol crown, but you were also gifted with a new Mustang on the show’s season finale.
Jordin Sparks: I woke up on my 16th birthday and I was more concerned about auditioning for American Idol than driving a car.

I did get my driver’s license eventually, but now I can drive and I am the American Idol and I have a new car! This is so weird. I haven’t driven it yet. I know [driving will] be kind of scary because there’s paparazzi now that will follow me – crazy!

Us: Your dad, Philippi Sparks, once played in the NFL, so you must remember the media during his football fame. What advice did he offer about your celebrity?
Jordin Sparks: Since my dad has been famous-ish and has gone through having paparazzi and stuff like that, he just told me “It’s fun, but at the same time you’ve got to be careful. People will try and use you. It’s scary, it’s hard, but if you just handle yourself well and trust the people around you, you’ll be fine.’ So far, so good.

Us: On the show you were very close with Melinda Doolittle, who finished in third place. Since you two were roommates, what types of things did you discuss during your “girls’ nights?”
Jordin Sparks: It stays in girls’ night! We did talk about boys and stuff like that. [smiles brightly] We talked about life in general and about each others’ lives. We were living under the same roof for I don’t know how many weeks. I asked her how she grew up and what advice she can give me, because she’s so much more experienced than I am. I just love her so much — she’s so amazing! So yeah, we talked about boys, the competition, and crazy fan things that happened.

Us: Lastly, did runner-up Blake Lewis happen to teach you how to beatbox?
Jordin Sparks: He tried really hard to teach me. He goes “Okay, do this [starts beatboxing].’ And that’s how I beatbox. That’s all I can do.