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Why run a story about a non-controversial star like Claire Danes and her boyfriend enjoying a new, fun hobby ?

Because not every piece of celebrity gossip involves British babes in Nuts magazine or descriptions of the daily Britney Spears nipple slip photos.

Deal with it.

In any case, Danes and Hugh Dancy seem to be getting along swimmingly. You could say they’re diving into the world of romance… yet still getting their feet wet.

If you’re wondering when we’re going to run out of these bad puns, don’t hold your breath. It will happen around the time Lindsay Lohan grows up.

After attending a spate of press events in the last few days, the largely Hollywood gossip-free couple are planning a scuba-diving vacation.

“I’ve never scuba-dived, but hopefully, I’m going to. The day after tomorrow,” Dancy told People Monday at a Cinema Society screening of their film Evening. “I’m going on a holiday.”

Asked if Claire Danes was going with him on the vacation, Dancy said: “Yes.”

But the actor, who just wrapped up a stint in the Tony award-winning play Journey’s End, was coy about their exact destination.

When asked if the getaway was to an island, Dancy would only say, “It’s not a landlocked country.”

He added: “I’ve never done scuba, but I’m not very good at those holidays where you do absolutely nothing, so I figure I’d learn to swim underwater.”

And Claire Danes supports her beau’s adventurous side. Backstage at Sunday’s Tony Awards in the gift lounge, she requested an Invicta diving watch for Dancy.

Dancy and Danes began dating while filming Evening in Newport, R.I.

“We hadn’t met before,” Dancy said Monday. “It’s an amazing place.”

Danes, a Gwyneth Paltrow look-alike, recently told People that she and Dancy “just happened upon each other because we were friends.” Dancy said of the relationship:

“I’m having a great time.”

Aww. You see? Not every celebrity has a contrived, fake relationship fueled by gossip and staged photos. Talking to you, Heidi Montag.