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There are many sequels and follow-up movies aiming to attract audiences this summer. Perhaps you’ve heard of this Harry Potter guy and his upcoming Order of the Phoenix.

But as Shrek and Captain Jack Sparrow garner all the attention, younger fans are also excited about High School Musical 2, debuting August 17 on the Disney Channel.

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“If I head into a mall, I should expect to have some extra company on the way,” Zac Efron says of the recognition he’s gained since High School Musical. “But if you’re ready for it, it’s very gratifying.”

Next up, the 19-year-old stars in the new movie musical Hairspray, due out in July and co-starring John Travolta and Queen Latifah.

Efron’s fellow Musical-er, meanwhile, refers to the young cast as her “family.” And Ashley Tisdale would be the most prominent member of that group. It doesn’t hurt that she looks a lot like Kristin Cavallari and Kellie Pickler.

So, will there be a High School Musical 3? That’s looking far ahead, but you can probably count on it. But Lindsay Lohan will probably be too coked out to enjoy it.