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At least Scott Stapp can feel a little better about winging a bottle of Orangina at his beauty queen wife’s head now.

After all, he could have done it five times.

Troubled actor Tom Sizemore has been charged with five felony counts and one misdemeanor stemming from a crystal meth bust earlier this month.

Tom Sizemore was charged with one count each of transportation and possession of methamphetamines, and three counts of possession of prescription drugs without the proper prescription.

Ouch. This man makes Pete Doherty look stable. Well, not really. That’s a stretch. He’s definitely in the same league as Pete Doherty, how about that?

Sizemore was arrested May 8, after Bakersfield Police say the actor had been using crystal meth outside of the Four Points Sheraton Hotel.

For his sake, we hope Tom gets the help he needs and doesn’t end up in the same cell as Joe Francis. That guy’s really, really annoying.

Oh, and he can expect a letter from that lunatic old hag Candy Spelling, who apparently has nothing else to do but pen advice to struggling stars.