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That’s right, celebrity gossip fans.

Shar Jackson is officially coming to reality TV.

You knew it was just a matter of time. ABC has announced that it will air Ex-Wives Club, a new reality TV show – and misnomer, since Shar and Kevin Federline were never married.

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The program will, according to the network, help recent divorcees – and baby mamas, hopefully – rid themselves of their former significant others in an effort to move on with their lives.

The ultimate irony will be when Britney Spears appears on the show and is counseled by Shar Jackson. Now that would be quality television.

Each one-hour episode of Ex-Wives Club, which debuts Monday, May 28, will feature a man and a woman, with the commonality of each recently having gone through a difficult divorce.

Though not from one another.

Different segments in each episode will show the recent divorcee trashing items that remind them of their former partner, or indulging in revenge by partaking in activities allowing them to release pent up rage geared at their exes, as well as undergoing makeovers. Sounds like fun.

The five-episode series is hosted by Jackson, as well as reality TV vet and model Angie Everhart and Donald Trump‘s second former spouse, Marla Maples.

Everhart, a babe of yore and one-time Sports Illustrated swimsuit mainstay, has already been on two other reality shows – The Real Gilligan’s Island and Celebrity Mole.

But more impressively, she’s MILF of the year material.

If Janice Dickinson is the original supermodel, Angie Everhart has to be the original Firecrotch.

Eat your heart out, Lindsay Lohan.

In addition to Everhart, Jackson and Maples, the “Ex-Wives Club team” will also consist of life coach and author Debbie Ford, who will meet with the show’s participants to offer guidance.

We’d say that we’ll never watch this crap, but by next week, something will have to fill the void left by American Idol, so you never know.