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We don’t know how Kim Kardashian feels about the time in the slammer for her former best friend.

But we can now tell you where Shanna Moakler stands regarding the prison sentence handed out to Paris Hilton: on the side of karma.

Carter Reum, Wife
Photo via Getty Images

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant and Miss USA wrote the following on her often-used MySpace page: i guess you all might be wondering what i think about all the karma going around…i guess all i have to say is….stupid is as stupid does.

Snap, yo. Snap.

Shanna and Paris have not gotten along for months, of course. It started when Hilton was seen making out with Moakler’s ex (and now current) husband, Travis Barker. It escalated when Shanna accused Paris of having herpes.

With Hilton actually headed for jail (aka the second home of Jason Wahler), there’s no doubt that Moakler will have the last laugh for awhile. But she better be careful with all that “stupid” name calling she’s throwing around.

Word around the celebrity gossip circles is that Paris is actually rubber and Moakler is glue. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, Shanna.