Paris Hilton: Time Off For Good Behavior; Nicole Richie: Getting Bad on Simple Life Set

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Two best friends and/or bitter enemies. Two contrasting models of behavior in recent days.

Let's start with Paris Hilton. The soon-to-be con had her prison sentence reduced to 23 days. She will also be separated from the general inmate population. The reason? Good behavior, of course.

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An example of this behavior? No, not whatever she does with Stavros Niarchos behind closed door. But simply showing up for her latest court date is apparently enough to have Hilton's jail sentence sliced in half.

Paris will stay in a unit that contains 12 two-person cells reserved for police officers, public officials, celebrities and other high-profile inmates. Maybe she can be a pen pal with Joe Francis.

Like everyone else in the 2,200-inmate facility, Hilton will get at least an hour outside her cell each day to shower, watch television (maybe the Kim Kardashian reality show will be airing by then), participate in outdoor recreation or talk on the telephone.

Meanwhile, Hilton will actually be on television when the fifth season of The Simple Life premieres this summer. But word on the set is that Paris' cohort on the program has been acting out.

During the shoot, TMZ reports that Nicole Richie constantly showed up late, and upped her unreasonable behavior to another level during the final shoot of the season, when the all-important "show open" was being taped.

Nicole turned up "several hours late" with boyfriend Joel Madden, and then gave producers another impossible deadline. After a serious blow-out argument, we're told producers had to call her agents just to get her to stay on-set.

Where was the actress singer thin famous person? Not at a restaurant, that much is certain. Maybe she was trying to get Brittany Murphy to divorce Simon Monjack.

Lord knows everyone else is.

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