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Stop the celebrity gossip presses! Keith Urban has some important news about his famous relationship:

Nicole Kidman is not pregnant.

But when the country singer was asked by the UK’s Sunday Times if he’s looking forward to fatherhood, he said: “I am. Next year actually would be lovely.”

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban at 2017 AMAs
Photo via Getty Images

At the moment, though, timing isn’t ideal. Kidman is currently Down Under with costar Hugh Jackman, shooting the historical epic Australia for director Baz Luhrmann.

In other shocking news, Urban admitted that he didn’t fall in love with Nicole’s on-screen persona. He hasn’t even seen all her movies! But the man who made Tara Conner look sober says that’s a good thing.

“You know, it was a different kind of familiarity” he says, “a mystic familiarity.”

As for how the marriage has changed him, Urban can barely even answer the question: “Oh God, in every way. I am more selfless and I am learning so much about myself from loving her. I am more comfortable with who I am because at the core I’m happy. It’s a beautiful journey.”

Getting down to the important stuff, though, the singer was asked if Kidman makes like Rachael Ray at all. No, we don’t mean selling out by shilling for Dunkin Donuts. We mean, does Nicole cook?

“A little bit, yes,” Keith says. “But I like being supportive and I’ve had a good chance to be that. It makes me happy. Having that contentedness now at home means that I actually love being home.”

In the end, this music legend battle his addiction every day, but a happy marriage helps the cause.

“I learnt a lot about addiction in the last six months,” he says. “I think there’s a certain amount of denial in addicts, but also legitimate ignorance about what the problem is, how it manifests itself. It’s easy to think, ‘Oh, I just went through a bad patch,’ and not realize the core of the problem. The disease of addiction requires a particular way of living every day.”

If you’re Lindsay Lohan, that way of living involves snorting cocaine and partying into the morning.